Michael Moore Rips Trump: He 'Doesn't Understand' How General Motors Played Him

On Tuesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “All In With Chris Hayes,” the documentary filmmaker mentioned the automaker was “doing what it’s constantly done” — which he claimed was heading back on before promises to create work opportunities in exchange for tax breaks and abatements.

“That’s the issue about Trump. He doesn’t recognize how he’s been performed by GM,” mentioned Moore, whose 1989 movie “Roger & Me” centered on GM’s axing of roles in Flint, Michigan.

Moore mentioned Trump’s indignation at the position losses “sounds right” but that the president “should know far better.” He then expounded on Trump’s complex partnership with big small business.

“I’ve wondered in these two years why corporate The united states and Wall Road have been variety of silent about Trump, because he has by no means been 1 of them,” Moore mentioned. “To corporate The united states, to Wall Road, Trump’s been the trailer trash of the millionaire class. They by no means allow him into their club, their exclusive higher-conclude club.”

“You’re these a idiot, Trump. You’ve been performed once more by these folks who’ve by no means appreciated you,” he extra.

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